Terms Of Service:

By using the RoyalMC services, you understand that you will agree to all of the terms, and breaking said terms will result in immediate termination of your use of RoyalMC services. If you do not agree to any of our terms DO NOT use any of the RoyalMC services.

1) Ownership

The services of RoyalMC are owned by the owners of the RoyalMC Network. In agreement with our terms, you have deemed a limited license granting you the use of RoyalMC services. These limited licenses give you access to the Minecraft server and are ONLY for entertainment purposes, if used for any other use, it will result in immediate termination of your limited license.

2) In-Server Purchases.

All in-server purchases are controlled by the owner of (RoyalMC) known as "ObviousLee". All in-server purchases may be changed without notice, all 3rd party payments regarding our services shall have no liability towards the RoyalMC.

All mainstream purchases will have no refund unless being a rank upgrade. Said rank upgrades will be able to be refunded if given a suitable reason for (within 12 Hours), refunds can NOT be guaranteed.

3) User Warning

The RoyalMC services are not held accountable or liable for any inappropriate or illegal actions other players may commit, use our services at your OWN risk.

4) Account Access

You shall not use the RoyalMC services if you have previously been permanently banned.

5) Service Availability & Account Termination

You acknowledge that the RoyalMC services can NOT guarantee 24/7 availability and will have downtime at any time. As well as this you acknowledge that after account termination all previous in-server purchases will NOT be refunded and if said account is unbanned all in-server purchases will retain value and use.

6) Protection

You agree that you will defend and protect the RoyalMC services Holding Our services against all third parties actions.